Sunday, January 13, 2019

Happy New Year 2019

                             Happy New Year 2019

While taking memories to next year, you may decide to avoid taking dark history, angry moments, sad and distasteful stories, revengeful thoughts and discomfort facts but you must not forget to carry forward past happiness and joys, thanking attitude, soothing tales, positive vibrations and lively life. Remember the year has just passed and you are still alive, vibrant, cheerful and active. Celebrate the  life event with joy and happiness.

Life is unending song of love, joys and amazing moments. 2018 was just another stanza of actions, making mistakes and learning. Any year can be special, it depends upon how you take that... This year 2018 being 50th year of my present life and visible appearance in this body has allowed me to understand unexpected, unseen and inexperienced journey goals for exploration. I have learnt to live again while understanding my limitation on circumstances and consequences is one of them... See from this statement that how much quantity and quality have been achieved by me. The most desirable one has become the part of life. The quest for self is no more objective as it has been accomplished successfully. Like wise the point of focus is more greater than I, me and myself or thyself. The physical world inside me has been widened and extended to thousands of light year away and has merged into billions of seen and unseen matter of possibility or non descriptive things. What we witness or perspire is limited thinking of human thought process. The real is much than that magic. The body itself is a limitation and thoughts are infinite and beyond time line. I might be present here but I am not anymore. I am not a body nor an image. The visible doesn't define me and not enough to bring soul to open self to  others. Like my father-Shiv who has created me, I am and I was always omnipotent, omnipresent and omniscient. The company who nourish this infinity is pursuing my soul and the goal of life in receiving free flow of energy with enthusiasm to learn new skills quickly and efficiently with calmness of love from melodious divine intervention from my creator- Shiv. The secret of pure eternity beyond infinity has been unfolded and revealed in most beautiful and beneficial manner.  Let's do some yodeling and sing 2019-the next stanza of life composed by Shiv in most melodious divine voice.

Sharing previous memories too:


The onward journey to achieve love, happiness and delightful moments has begun again. I wish like yester-years it would be successful in this year too. 

Happy New Year 2019.. 

- Arun Sharma

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Earth - The Gift of Shiva


To all citizens of this beautiful Earth. I have entered into Golden 50 Club and receiving best wishes for longevity and happiness. I expect a gift from you too and I know you would not disappoint me. The best gift I want from you all that It is being an enough time to know, understand and feel this world which is unique, ever existing and unending. We all are the same, from the  same egg, from those tiny micro cells carrying unique identities but similar in reality and qualities. I know you and you know me and we all know each other whether we have still met or otherwise. We have a common fact that We all share this Mother Earth- Our home from unknown time. It could hold us, it could take care of us, it could keep us happy and healthy. Unfortunately we have never understood its importance and ultimately started destroying it. During my school days, I heard about cold war might result into atom bomb throwing on each other,  depletion of ozone layer but that had remained far behind and more greater challenges have come up like pollution, green house, smog, increase in temperature, climate changing ie. Flood, stromes, huge jungle fire, glacier melting, scarcity of drinking water and so on.  We have become so irrelevant to its existence that today it could go for unending if we would not be here. The gift of nature is destroying self and we have become so fashionable that we have started cheating. We say we care but do nothing and then come up with this excuse that only mine doing would not help saving Earth. It would if we are sincere and serious to our efforts. No effort goes in vain and believe me it would not waste yours too. If you could do a little, do it without thinking about the effect. The positivity brings positivism. There is so much you can do to save.. Just google it and know. Only you could bring respite to this bed ridden suffering Earth. Let's bring back it from coma by adding love and care. It would be greatest gift to us and to our generations. That is a true worship and singing a prayer before almighty. Help yourself by helping mankind. Thanks a lot for your kind responses and love.

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The God in various Languages


Turkish - Tanri
Latin - Deus
Albanian - Zor
Arabic - Allah 
Armenian - Astvats
Bangla - Debta
Bosnian - Boze
Bulgarian - Box
Chinese - Shen
Czech - Buh
Danish - Gud
Finnish - Jumala
Flippino - Divos
French - Dieu
German - Gott
Greek - Theo's
Hindi- Parmeshwar, Bhagwan, Ishwar, Shiva,
Irish -Dia
Italian -Dio
Japanese - Kam
Jew - Yhwh
Kannada - Devaru
Korean - Hananim
Malay - Tuhan
Malayalam - Daivam
Maori - Atua
Mangolia - Burkhan
Marathi - Dev
Persian - Parvardigar
Punjabi - Raba
Somali - Illah
Sinhala - Devi
Sufi - Hu
Tamil - Tevan
Telugu - Devudu
Urdu - Khuda
Uzbek - Xudo
Welsh - Duw
Zoroastrian - Ahura Mazda

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Q & A - Why some are more successful than others ?


How do some people get lot of success more than others? I mean why one or two get exceptionally good marks and rest of us get normal marks and unfortunately some of us do not get into the best institutions despite having intelligence or many times better than those who get through the entrance exams. Is this not a prejudice?


OK..If You wish to know how  people get outstanding results in their exams or tests whenever they appear in it. I will call it blessing, Blessing of Shiv. We are very ordinary people with average of intelligence with some memory and some planning. The memory and planning decide our course of action in our respective life. We take help of our past experiences and plan as per our thoughts. We choose our goals and dreams and do needful.  You know one has to study to get good marks, it is like meditation. I call it penance. It needs continuing efforts and produces through lot of sacrifices and self control. However many of us do not get despite doing severe efforts. Many times whatever we learn that does not appear in question paper or whatever we leave that becomes the basis of exam. The most intelligent student would be found in examinatrion hall as a sitting duck and the average student who has studied selective or a little is able to take his exam in full throtle manner. Therefore it is difficult to digest his success when one knows that how little he knows about the book despite getting good marks.  I call it, the blessing of Shiv. He blesses him with average mind but has given him a fate of success at first place. Whatever he has studied has become his question paper and ultimately lead him to success beyond his own reach.

The same goes with life... 

Understand the blessings of Shiv... He  blesses one with remarkable quality of learning and understanding so that whatever he would learn and understand becomes part of day today life or blesses him with outstanding luck so that whatever little he does becomes  graceful karma....

Either way it is him-  The Shiv, who controls and fulfills the purpose of life..

Therefore I advice everyone to understand that asking Shiv for little help is never a bad idea. Let he blesses us with intelligence that whatever we know, read and understand would become our knowledge or boon us with such fate that whatever a little we know becomes the essence of our life. 

- Arun Sharma


Monday, October 8, 2018

Q & A - How do I know I am at peace in the company of Shiv

Qus: How do I know I am at peace in the company of Shiv ?

Ans:  See that when your level of manipulation attitude gets reverse gear and you stop bothering Shiv for every obstacle, problem or want as you now understand that whatever you do whether good or bad is going to affect you, not him. The moment you have realised that whatever is or will be happening with you is the consequent of your way of playing the game of life and Shiv is not interfering that how do you play your game. Your questions have become larger than your will to get small prosperities and comforts. You get closeness with greater cosmos and think beyond this beautiful Earth. You know that everything has happened for a reason and that reason defines the crust of life. You know you have reached to certain level of self-awareness. You have become a being without body. The name, appearance, the description , the physical life do not define you.You are not what others are percieving or could see you. You have reached on a different dimension where you are not with some external looking visible objects but filled with an indepenedent energy.  Ok, Last night there was Masik Shiv-Ratri. The Masik Shiv-Ratri is one of most auspicioies time when you could easily connect yourself with greater being and as practice the prayers which I do every day are being done in the shubh muhurata. Every night I do prayers in midnight around 11.30/12.30 but on Masik Shiv Ratri, I do it in auspicious muhurata because that is the time when the power of nature connects us with inner-self at the most comfortable and connecting-soul’s timing. You can worship any time and you could worship while simultaneously working on some project. It is not at all difficult. Ok, come back to the things, last night while worshipping I was easily going into the samadhi and resuming awake while praying. It had never happened before as happened this time. There was no jitch nor any complex situation as Samadhi and awakening was like a karmic process. It had happened around ¾ times between the puja and then after concluding, paying respect to Shiv by 'Karpur Gauram' mantra - being the final prayer hymn  before leaving prayer room. I could feel the complete peace in me.  Praying always rejoices and gives me immense happiness and I have noticed that more I pray, the more I have become fun loving. Worshipping has made me light hearted and  more comic loving. I believe it happens when you stay in Shiv’s company, you share good laughs with him, your anger vanishes and acceptance for everything is increased  while being remain malice towards none. That is the way life works and that is how prayers affect your inner and external self. This is the way I feel peace in Shiv’s company. AUM..

- Arun Sharma