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Para Normal- An Experience in life

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Dear friends, The thought about sharing this experience was in mind for long time but every time something else comes and this again goes into the deep memory. Recently my nephew Alok shows his willingness to learn para-normal sciences with some society. Whether para-normal is a science or a myth, I can not comment upon. Some believe that there is an another world which is beyond our knowledge and understanding. Today I am sharing some para normal experiences of life which have occurred in my day-today-life. My purpose is not to make you believe that the ghosts exist or not but to share what I felt.

I remember in 1999, I went to Mussorie for excursion along with Reena and my sons Priynk and Yugaank.Mussorie is called the queen of hill station situated in Utrakahand-India. It is about 325 kms from Delhi and took about 5/6 hours of comfortable road journey passes through Haryana, UP and then Utrakhand. The journey also passes though forest reserve area. After Dehradun it is a steep climbing of 30 kms towards the town. Many locales site seeing are located in the area. Dhanolty is another nearby local hill station with full vies of Himalayan ranges. The Mall, Gun-hill Top, Camel Road, Lal Tibba, Company Garden, Lake, Kempty and Bhatta Falls are scenic points. As that time, I did not get planned leave therefore most of my trips usually based on on the spot booking.  It was the time when in coming next month I had to go to UN mission in Bosnia. As Mussorie  is near by hill station, hardly about 300 + kms from Delhi therefore I prefer to go there. It is Reena's favorite station too as she had spent many of her child hood summer vacations with her parents there. That time we used to stay in Hotel Sylverton situated on Mall Road- Picture Palace side.It was a heritage hotel, having high ceiling and big rooms with colonial style furniture. So one of the afternoon we were there for spending our time. We found the  above hotel under renovation and not accommodating the guests due to progress in major repair. I went to nearer hotel but due to peak season of May-June, the occupancy were high and no room was available there too. I tried other hotels but nothing fruitful was coming  to us. As finding no other option, we were planning to stay down in the Dehradun town, 30 kms away from main Mussorie but somehow while checking out a hotel we found accomodation there. That hotel was located on The Mall, behind the the main church. It was a normal old constructed hotel having suits something like Sylverton had. We preferred to take suits as it can accommodate children too as they were not young enough to stay in separate room in hotel. As I checked at reception and asked about the fare. It was such a small amount i.e. Rs. 250 a day( about 5 $) which one does not expect even in normal time and then it was time of peak season. We checked the room. It was on first floor. The only occupancy in hotel was that another family which came just before us, and two men were staying in adjacent room to that room. The stairs were congested and dark in day as well but ok. The wash room was ok and the room has a front / back common balcony with doors on both sides. It was deserted looking but peaceful. There was a valley view  and a lawn was there. The building was a double story and white washed one having a quite look. The suit does not have much furniture. There were double beds in both rooms of suit. The outer room was small about 125-150 sq feet but enough for kids, having cane sitting chairs and inner room was bigger room about 200-225 sq feet, having a sofa-set and a white painted wooden cupboard facing bed kept towards the leg area side of inner room bed. As our things were well packed therefore we did not use cup-board for keeping things and it remained bolted as it is.The look was old British style. The ceilings were high.We all loved the area and comforted ourselves. It was informed that they did not have round the clock pantry service and only day service is provided. It was on Mall Road so the eating area and video games parlor were near by therefore we did not take that as in-convenience. It was having the peace of alone-ness as well as fun of city. We were discussing that in future whenever we come we would stay here as it was comfortable, ideally located and less expensive as well. That night we had our dinner in near-by Indian restaurant-Green Restaurant on Mall Road. After dinner we came back to room and after little discussion about the day, we all went to sleep. The hotel which seemed quite at day was not same in night therefore the sleep was disturbing as I could feel lot of commotion in the night but I could not understand the reason. I thought it happened because of occupancy of men staying in adjoining room. Somehow I slept late and got up late too however next morning was bright and cheerful. There were other guests in the lawn having breakfast there. The children were playing we had our good breakfast and then  walked upon on Mall Road. We enjoyed the day as we played lot of games and had good food. By the evening we reached at the hotel, we found that the the guests from adjoining room had left and now we the only one staying there along-with the other family which was staying on ground floor. As we were tired so we slept early. Again the sleep was disturbing as there were commotion out side the room and on the back area as well. In the mid night, I woke up suddenly after hearing some strange noise from outer room where the children were sleeping, I got up and checked but found nothing. I saw from window there was darkness outside the room, no movement was there. I surprised because before that I heard lots of commotion there. The lawn was also deserted looking. I came back to my bed, kept light switch on and slept again. Thereafter I did not hear any commotion.  However I had a night mare that where I was sleeping, I had been attacked by many red ants which were hovering over the wall on my head side. I shook my self so strongly that Reena who was sleeping besides me, got up and try to wake me up. I was shouting, "CHEE(n)TIYAN...CHEE(n)TIYAN ( Ants)  She asked the reason but I did not  reply. Next morning when she told me about the last night incident. I explained the last night's vision to her however I did not remember that she woke me up. I checked the wall but found nothing was there nor any such sign of ants. I had the morning tea while standing in front balcony. The day was quite. The family which was staying at ground floor was loading their baggages silently in their van. Their children were quite and waiting in lawn. After packing they left silently w/o making any noise. I checked rear balcony but found nothing unusual there. We all came down at reception and deposited the keys with receptionist to get our room clean.  He asked me about my wellness. I replied to him and asked him that how many rooms are still occupied. It was a surprise for me that we the only were staying in the hotel. As the hotels of town were over packed and had no vacancy then how did no one was staying there. I further asked him about the commotion in the night in the hotel. He showed his ignorance while I could feel that he was seemed to hide something about it. He asked me about the duration of my stay. I told him that we would like to stay for 2/3 days more. We took another day in the town and enjoyed the day. I was not comfortable w/o any cogent reason. I was feeling restlessness by the thinking about the going back to hotel for night stay.  I told Reena about it and she confirmed that the night was not comfortable and peaceful there. We decided to go back next morning after break fast. After having our dinner, we returned hotel. Reena did packing for some time. The children went to sleep in adjoining room. we had some light chat before sleeping. I kept the lights on of both room. In midnight I had the same night mare again. I saw myself had been attacked with red ants while sleeping on the bed. My sleep was obstructed but I was feeling tired and could not got up. Suddenly I heard the sound of some papers from adjoining room as some one is checking some book or tearing some papers. Suddenly that noise stopped and it was sound of some foot steps between inner and outer room. I heard the sound of opening of door but I could see nothing despite light in the room. Suddenly I saw a white ray/fog type thing entered in the room and went towards the wooden cup-board and entered inside the cup-board. The door was how opened and shut I could not remember. I was stunned and shocked. I was not able to understand whether it was my hallucination or dream. I was tired and not able to get up as well. I was not able to trust my vision. It was a reality or some dream but of-course I was awaken. I did not get enough strength to wake Reena.  Thereafter I did not remember but I lost my conscious and got up next morning. I did not tell Reena in the morning but she told me that last night I had shouted about ants as well but slept thereafter. I told Reena to inform receptionist about preparing our check.I took a bath and in between Children were getting ready, I paid the bill at counter. The receptionist asked the reason of sudden check-out but I kept quite. Then he told that this is what happen here, guest come for longer program but left hotel early w/o telling the reasons. I asked him whether he believed in ghost. He nodded affirmatively and told me that he knew what generally happened here and that is why no one from staff dared to stay in night except a watchman who remained at main gate. Due to this they do not provide mid-night services as well. I checked outside the hotel and found that it was next to graveyard which was situated behind the holy church. It seemed to be developed from the land of graveyard. I returned to room, Reena was doing last part of packing. I checked whether the door between the inner-outer room could move because of wind/air. It was hard and jam-packed one and could not be moved easily. I opened the doors first time and checked the cup-board from inside. To my another surprise the cup-board looked same as I saw last night from inside. The colour and designing were the same. Now I had nothing more to doubt. I knew what I went through and witnessed. I do not want children to be fearful so pretend nothing in-front of them. We came back to Delhi. Reena still remebered that after coming back from there for next 15/20 days I used to shout and fearing about red-ants in sleeping. It took me about a month to recover from that nightmare.


Arun Sharma said...

Pauland Charlene Christoffersen :
I can tell you from all our experiences that what some may call paranormal or supernatural is in fact more normal and natural than what we're experiencing here. Most of us do not have the memory of where we came from.

Nora Goodman-friends :
I believe there possibly can be other worlds with other Gods and other beings.

I just wanted to ask you if there is a way. Can I stop this paranormal stuff that has been happening since I was 3 years old. I can see things, go places, have visions, dreams, I can't step in a cemetery. I am not afraid when other people are around and things happened. There is a place I go in my dreams, I saw this place when I was 3. I call it the Magic Forest, it just gets worst, sometimes I am afraid. Last year Something happened, a lady that said she was a witch, she appeared in my room, I saw her, and I asked her to stop, and she didn't. I got help from I don't know where, I can write a book about my experiences, I just don't like some things I see. And the fact that they know I can see them, scares me. When I saw the Forest for the first time. I was 3 years old it was always daytime and everyone was children. Now the forest is at night and everyone is a Black shadow and I was who takes me to the forest not once but twice. The first time I woke up because I felt an arm go under my neck and one under my knees. I said Wait. The second time. I woke up in my dream which I think is my soul that was seeing. I felt wind passing me I opened my eyes and I saw the man that looks like smoke with diamonds floating in him, Was carrying me. I turned my head and saw I was heading to the forest but I saw I am going to fall through this man. Sometimes I want it to stop because there is one Black Shadow I fear .

Arun Sharma said...

Aaron Johal :
How blind would one have to be to claim that there is nothing beyond what we can experience, when the daily experience of life is about learning to experience the nature of existence...

Arun Sharma said...

Garrette Sanislo :
All I can truly say is that our eyes and brains fool us all of the time. Take color for instance. Color is a very complex thing that we take for granted every day. Without light, an object has no color because color is the wavelength of light being absorbed or refracted off an object. Our eyes and brains take that wavelength and calculate it into color...So in short, I can't even believe what my own eyes see...