Friday, December 28, 2012

The Fear

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A life has no beginning or end. It just transforms itself. A visible part of it explains about its role playing on an arena. All chapters those end come up with certain conclusions and lessons telling. After that gist, there is nothing beyond the explained story and it becomes tasteless as well. The purpose of staying on the floor does not go well either rather it is wastage of an artist’s talent. That is a new beginning of life which is waiting to initiate. No one is spared from worst phase in life. The life does not go with chosen or desires we make. It is rather a process of chosen and given. We choose what we like but it gives what is required as well. The wrong and right do’s and decisions make glory and annoyance in life. It is further set the wheel of karma in our respective life. In the yoga of karma nothing is permanent except the doing and that what we retrieve from our decision. Life is not a place of waiting for a train which will never arrive. Any time which is now is most important than anything which will occur in future. The outside climate is never an ideal one. It is rather too hot, too cold or too humid outside. It is an allergy and way to avoid. We cannot wait for a time which is most desirous to us.  People who do not wait for raining are most successful and happy one. They do not worry rather set the ground right for progress. We had faced famines, dreaded diseases, rainless monsoon but that does not stop us to grow or eliminates our courage. We response how our heart and feelings allow us to response that is why some of the actions are undefined and beyond our thinking. Some of the remembrances are such strong that they departure from our life when we departure from this world. They are permanent visions or life history. A biography if written they become the part and parcel of that memo. On the other side some are hard to forget so we lock them in a vault and keep the key at such place where it is accessible. Some of the bitter experiences are nothing but they become the part of sub-conscious mind like falling while walking on uneven path or darkened road. Some of them are not even we mentioned in life because we are strong enough to bear them. It all depends on out strength. Let’s increase our strength as nothing in life is important what and who we are. A life which is acceptable to us only when it move in all direction. A stationary life is nothing but the junk yard of useless articles. The best way to go on the path is keeping ourselves away from results which are possible only when we have a certain goal in life. The American president ’Abraham Lincoln ‘was one of the best example in front of us. A defeat or set back does the same with us. We all hook to it whether at any specific time or specific turn.  I feel it is the sutra Dhār of new vibrant beginning. When we accept and start moving towards the unknown only then we realise its importance in life. That time we do not ask about the reason of that mismatch occurred in our life. We accept it with positive note.   It is regarded as welcome gesture by all. Things pass, and the best we can do is to let them really go away. A lost love, a death of nearer, job-firing, betrayal by closed one, lie of most dear one, exploitation by trust worthy, sarcastic attitude by friends are few examples which we face in day-to-day life. The depth of sorrow is higher if the relation is nearer. It leaves us broken and shattered as well. We are not meant for it. We are not born to suffer rather to handle them with such a way that they should become a broken souvenirs for us and we all know where those souvenirs go when they are broken- Garbage, the right place to accommodate them in pieces.

Let’s connect ourselves, let’s unite ourselves.


You are not in isolation!! You were not and you will never be in segregation!!


Arun Sharma said...

Jai Maa Jhandewali Ji:
u got an audio on that?

Arun Sharma said...

Jean Hope Catlin :
How can you know any of that? and from the evidence of human behavior i would say that humans rarely advance...we are here to be caretakers of the planet earth. perhaps we continue reincarnating until we stop reproducing as this would be logically first step to care for our planet. after than we can evolve into levels of pleasure life as normal in service mutually towards our whole

Arun Sharma said...

Dear friends, It is easy to disclaim others but difficult to understand them..... Who knows better ? is endless discussion and the role assigned to each of us is beyond explain by any one. Wish we could know more !! more than a match stick's light in this universe.... so that the seeing could be better with added colors...

Arun Sharma said...

Ravi Vilkhu :
CHOICE is the glory of man but it is the misfortune of man as well.
The glory is because of the freedom – the freedom to choose. The misfortune is that we may the wrong choice. But the choice of choosing wrongly is included in that freedom. Freedom allows you the right to go astray, to go on the wrong path. One has freedom to sin as well. Freedom even to refuse godliness.