Sunday, December 23, 2012

The Lovers' Meeting Point

Dear 'You' before our meeting  I was not awake about the love and its impact on my life. It was a plain word which could explain nothing to me but now I have lived a complete life with you in few moments.  I have no regrets now. The love which has brought us together and helps us to know the truthfulness of life and heart is such a force which cannot be stopped by one or all. I know that this love which has made me capable of loving myself may have created ire and virulence for us in many minds. It has given them feeling that how someone who is ignored and unaware has achieved what they have not understood in ages. Their ego has flattered themselves in such a manner that it has killed their naive, austere and innocence. This has further enhanced their thinking in a manner that has left them into the broken and lonely shattered pieces of fragmented and wounded soul. I know till I am captured in this body I will not able to live with you or see you in physical as there are many obstructions and snags. There are more hold-backs than allowing of mind meeting which is creating confusions and heart breaking. The journey is totally pot holed and my company would increase your sufferings as well as perils. So it is the last left option for me that I shall let you go on. You will disappear from my life for them but I know that you would always be here and from now onwards we both travel on our respective paths which would lead us to each other and we would meet each other where nothing is right or wrong, dark or light and peace of mind exists. A place which is above than their thinking, approach and belief and I will be waiting for that moment at that place…Till that happy journey!!

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Kim J. Soileau :
Nicely written. Responses from others should be very interesting. Each have their own experience with their higher being what ever it may be. Thank you from me for sharing. It was lovely. Good one...