Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Power of Soul

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We should always remember that in life only this moment is certain which is sharing uncertainty of next one. An unwanted moment in life is never welcome but it appears when it is its turn. It would not invite us nor ask us for taking its leap in our respective life rather It would command us to take the life to unknown destination through the different phases of ups and down journey like a roller-coaster ride.

The sign of happiness always arrive upon us through that analysis of life. A soul has no choice. It chooses what we choose, it accompany us in our bad or good time, in our good habits and vices. It remains always tight lipped and does not response even when we did something worst but if we cross- check us-ourselves it is always questioning us. We only pretend that we could not hear it but its echo is always on mind that is why sometimes we live a life in few moments with fast forward screening visible through our acts and deeds.  A journey with unknown destiny is purpose finding. It is nevertheless important than any other import assignment. A harsh push may hurt us for some time but at later stage we realize that it was for important reason. The reason may be small or big but remain in our life till we live it completely.  Some time we question the reason and do not go with that with open heart. We feel that our authority is being challenged or questioned through the rising of this reason. We need to grow at that moment only otherwise it would not serve the purpose of life. Our soul never question the route which we take for the life, it accommodates us and travels according to our need and choice. A soul never tests our authority or mocks our boundaries. It never sets its mind on prejudice side nor gives any excuses for not following. It is possible only when a total surrender is there and that what soul does to us that is why it is our best and final inmate. The surrender of soul has occurred with body in this birth only. It knows that it is a short lived-ephemeral relationship which is shared among them but never reminds that to us. We always feel that we would live the life for 100 yrs and it nodes in affirmative despite knowing the truth about the time period. The trust which has strongest the surrender is cause as well as consequent. It is to understand that no moment has future in its pocket only what is now is reality otherwise what is gone is gone and what would come is still away. That is the power of now.. Share that at once !! That is The POWER OF SOUL... that is the way of soul..

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Arun Sharma said...

Andrea Caldwell :
Thank you Arun. I enjoyed the post so much. I really had not thought of the Soul that way. paraphrasing "It is our constant companion as we travel to our destiny". "... neither questioning or condemning". "only when we check ourselves will we be asked to account".
Very Beautiful. Thanks again.